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Land Acknowledgement Lab

Want to write an Indigenous land acknowledgement that’s not just performative? Land acknowledgements are deceptively simple – they’re only a few lines of text, but best ones are written as part of a larger process of learning and reflection.

In the Land Acknowledgement Lab we’ll experiment with different ways of expressing your intentions using this one simple tool.

We’ll work together one-on-one (or two or three) in a focused session to make informed choices about every word you choose and the message you convey.

What you’ll get

  • Dedicated time with a knowledgeable partner who’ll be your sounding board. 
  • An Indigenous land acknowledgement that is meaningful, accurate, and reflective of your local context.
  • Advice on quality research sources, proper terminology, pronunciation and language, and the intention you want to convey.
  • The confidence to explain the meaning behind each and every word, and why you chose it.
  • Support for reaching out to your local Indigenous community.


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Land Acknowledgement Lab

Group           Training              Workshops

If you’re looking to introduce some of the educational concepts of reconciliation with Indigenous people to your team, consider starting with one of our half-day group training workshops.

We’ll support you to engage with the challenges and critiques of this work, while being confident to move forward. We offer three workshop topics:

  • Drafting Informed and Meaningful Indigenous Land Acknowledgements
  • Indigenous Awareness and Relationship Building
  • Roadmapping your Reconciliation Action Plan

What you’ll get

  • Thoughtful, fact-based educational content, illustrated by our own personal stories and experiences.
  • A more informed, engaged, and personally invested team that is excited about reconciliation with Indigenous people.
  • A certificate of completion for every participant demonstrating their commitment to fulfill the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #92.
  • A participant guidebook summarizing key information for future reference.


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Group Training Workshops

Reconciliation          Action                      Plans

Ready to step into reconciliation as an organization in a more effective way? A strategic Reconciliation Action Plan is the difference between random acts of reconciliation and a comprehensive plan that amplifies your impact and reduces the potential for harm. 

Using a step-by-step framework to situate your organization and build the elements of your plan, we’ll draw on our thirty-plus years’ experience working in, with, and for First Nations in BC to walk beside you in co-creating a plan that will keep your team aligned with the goals, engaged with the work, and clear about not only what is happening, but why.

What you’ll get

  • An understanding of how the TRC’s Call to Action #92 applies to your organization. 
  • Focused, structured time with a knowledgeable partner and advisor.
  • The confidence to know that you are taking the right steps, and doing so in a good way. 
  • A deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities for your business with respect to reconciliation. 
  • A structured framework to situate your organization, build your plan, and hold yourself accountable.


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Reconciliation Action Plans

Need help creating a unique reconciliation event, project or activity?

Are you thinking about holding an event, creating a product, or planning a stand-alone project or activity as an expression of your organization’s commitment to reconciliation? 

We’ll work with you as a knowledgeable partner and advisor so that your project is contextualized within your business area, your team’s comfort level and experience, and your relationship to the local Indigenous people, organizations, and communities.

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Custom Project 

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